Cinnamon for Linux Mint

The desktop environment of Cinnamon is the default for Mint 13. This GNOME-based distro focuses on functionality and classic design. There are more modern desktop environments like Gnome 3 or Unity. However, the desktop environment of Cinnamon is relatively easy to install and configure. This article will discuss what to look for in Cinnamon. In addition to the standard applications menus, this distro includes a parental tool that blocks unwanted websites.

Cinnamon is a GNOME-based desktop environment

A GNOME-based desktop environment, Cinnamon is a fork of the original GNOME desktop that combines a traditional layout with modern graphical effects. Cinnamon can be installed by installing the package cinnamon. If your computer has an Intel GPU, you may experience random freezing when using Cinnamon. The best way to solve this issue is to install the modesetting(4) driver instead of the xf86-video-intel.

The Cinnamon desktop is easy to use and highly customizable. Its taskbar at the bottom provides quick access to frequently used applications and settings. Similarly to the Windows start menu, you can also access the “start menu” with the Super key. Other useful features of Cinnamon include system widgets and shortcuts. You can perform superuser tasks such as system configuration and resetting your computer, without having to open a terminal shell.

It uses a common theme for notification panel and block styling in Nemo

The Mint-X Theme applies a common theme to Nemo’s notification panel and block styling. Nemo automatically changes color based on the selected mode. This theme also improves visibility of dark interface applications when working with a light theme. Some of the dark interface applications include Pix, Hypnotix, and the GNOME terminal. The following table lists the changes to Nemo.

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It has a parental tool to block unwanted sites

Parents often worry about the content of their children’s websites, especially those with adult content. Luckily, Linux operating systems come with a parental tool that will help keep them safe online. With a parental tool, your children can visit only sites that you approve. A parent can also configure a firewall to block certain websites. In this article, I’ll explain how to use a parental tool in Linux Mint.

Whether your children use the computer for recreational use or to do homework, parents often want to control their kids’ internet usage. For this reason, you can use a parental tool in Cinnamon mint Linux to block unwanted websites. This tool allows you to set time limits on desktop usage, block specific webpages, and restrict access to certain apps. You can also set time limits for emails and instant messaging.

It is easy to configure

You can customize Cinnamon’s appearance using the settings menu, which is available in the system tray. By default, Cinnamon will use the onboard Intel graphics, but you can choose to empower it to use the NVIDIA card if you have it. Cinnamon 4.6 also comes with fractional scaling, which lets you set the size of text displayed on different monitors. By default, the scaling ranges from 100 to 200%.

The desktop theme is available in Arch User Repo, AUR, and Community repos. A display manager and display server are required for Cinnamon to function properly. The lightweight LightDM display manager is a great option for this. If you’re unfamiliar with XFCE or Cinnamon, you’ll need to consult a guide on configuring Cinnamon. You may also find useful tips on the Linux Mint forums.

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