Download Mint Linux Version 18 – Improved Xed Text Editor, XReader Document Viewer, and NVIDIA “On-Demand” Profile Support

If you’re looking for a free operating system to download and install on your computer, then Linux Mint is the way to go. With an updated version of this popular operating system, you’ll find the following improvements: Improved Xed text editor, improved XReader document viewer, and NVIDIA “On-Demand” profile support. If you’re new to Linux, you can download Mint and install it in a few easy steps.

Updated version of Linux Mint

Despite its new-found popularity, updating Linux Mint from one major release to the next isn’t always easy. Usually, Linux Mint releases are code-named with a feminine first name ending in ‘a’, and each subsequent version begins with an increasing letter. In this case, version 18 broke the pattern and went with ‘Sarah.’ However, Sarah retains the same final vowel sound as the previous versions.

If you’re planning on upgrading your Linux Mint operating system, there are several ways to do so. To begin, first, create a snapshot of your existing system. This is an important precaution because the upgrade process can fail due to certain interruptions, power failures, or even Internet failure. If you happen to run into one of these problems, you can always recover from the upgrade process by creating a bootable USB of the operating system.

Upgraded Xed text editor

The new Xed text editor for Linux Mint has several improvements. The default text editor now supports Gedit 3.x extensions. Its minimap and zoom buttons have also been upgraded. Users can also switch between multiple tabs with the mouse wheel. The dark theme has also been included. In the meantime, Linux Mint users can also enjoy an improved video player and new features in the text editor.

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Xed is a simple text editor that supports most of the standard text editing features, like spell checking, auto indentation, and comparing files. The program also supports CVS changelogs, printing, and multiple text files in the same window. The new version also supports a plugin system, which makes it extensible. Xed supports multiple languages, spell checking, and comparing files.

Upgraded XReader document viewer

The XReader document viewer for Mint Linux has undergone several changes in this release. The default PDF reader now supports manga and has additional features like right-to-left orientation and inverted cursor keys. There is also a new control for fitting images to the window, and a new version of Xed text editor supports Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab shortcuts. Xed text editor now supports ctrl-tab shortcuts, and it now has a new preference window. In addition, you can now hide the menu bar.

Another new feature in the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint 19 is Xapps. This feature allows you to increase the volume of your screen by as much as 150%. Xreader document viewer has also received an upgrade. It supports EPUB and PDF document formats, and can remove annotations. Its thumbnail size is also adjustable. You can also find improved Xreader support in the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint 19 “Tara”.

Improved support for NVIDIA “On-Demand” profile

This new version of Ubuntu features improved support for the NVIDIA “On-Demand”, a video-card profile that uses an Intel card to process the application. Users can also choose a “nomodeset” option to simplify live booting without NVIDIA drivers. The NVIDIA applet now shows the processor used for the video card. There are also many improvements to the tray icons.

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