Linux Mint 20.3 – What’s New in Version 20.3?

The newest version of Linux Mint is Linux Mint 20.3, the follow-up to the popular operating system’s July release. This update brings numerous usability and visual changes. Read on to learn about some of the most notable improvements in this new version. Besides a number of visual changes, Linux Mint 20.3 has several other notable improvements as well. Keep reading to discover the latest features and how you can start using Linux Mint.

Dark mode support

Linux Mint 20.3 adds support for dark mode to apps. It also features rounder titlebars, larger buttons, and a dark theme. Installing the Mint-Y-Darker theme from the repositories will enable this feature. The dark theme replaces the accent colors with tinted greys. The new version also has a search bar in the software selection. Users can also customize the appearance of their desktop with the new theme.

New features in the second release of Linux Mint include an updated theme, larger titlebar buttons, rounded corners, and improved dark mode support. New icons have been added to the theme and the default theme was removed. You can also choose to install the legacy theme package. This way, you can keep the benefits of both themes. After installing the new version of Linux Mint, you can switch to the legacy theme without any hassle.

New theme

If you are looking for a new look for your desktop, then you can consider trying out the Linux Mint Silk theme. This flat theme is aesthetically pleasing and comes with a vibrant green accent. The start menu button is the Linux Mint logo, and there are many other customization options for the theme. The power button and the lock button feature a flat design, and you can even customize the taskbar with a custom icon pack.

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The Mint-Y theme is a modern, stylish design that comes with rounded window corners and larger window controls. Its buttons are easier to hit, and it even sports rounded corners, which add a modern feel to the interface. The Mint-Y theme will also help Linux Mint stay in line with the trend of evolving visual styles. The new version of Mint will also include the Mint-Y theme and the original version.

New software manager

The latest point release of Linux Mint is known as “Una” and was released on January 5, 2022. This point release includes several new features, refinements, and a new name. The new version of Linux Mint is live and is available for download. This final point release of Linux Mint will feature several major improvements. Read on to learn about these changes. This point release also includes a number of smaller improvements.

Hypnotix IPTV viewer has been updated and now supports Dark Mode. It also features an improved search feature for your favourite TV shows and movies. Another new XApp is Thingy, a document manager. It makes it easy to access documents and track their reading progress. The new version of Linux Mint will also help you organize PDF files using the Thingy XApp. It also includes improved synchronization and a new desktop icon, which makes them easily accessible to the rest of your system.

New app

Linux Mint 20.3 adds several new apps to its list of features. Thingy is a document manager that collects your recent documents into one place and keeps track of your reading progress. This XApp can be installed on all supported editions of Linux Mint, and it can also be ported to other distributions. The Notes tools receive an upgrade, including search functionality and additional formatting options. Una, the default multimedia player, also gets a new channel search feature. The stock image viewer also gets an update, so you can ‘fit’ images to the width and height of your screen.

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Linux Mint 20.3 also includes a new XApp called Thingy, a PDF reader and document manager. The new Thingy app organizes PDF files and tracks your reading progress. Another new app in this edition is the IPTV player. It now supports the Xtream API. The new version of Linux Mint comes with several bug fixes. Its IPTV player has improved support for Dark Mode and adds a search function.

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